Expert Qualifications

Denis A. Brosnan, Ph.D., P.E. (ret.)

Ph.D., Ceramic Engineering, Iowa State University.

Half career in applied industrial research, mineral characterization, and forensics of materials from thermal applications including many types of industrial furnaces and kilns.

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (28 years – second half career). Holder of the Bishop Distinguished Chair in Ceramic and Materials Engineering.

Greeves-Walker Lifetime Achievement Award, The American Ceramic Society and The National Institute of Ceramic Engineers, Presented on October 24, 2016.

Director of The National Brick Research Center (28 years – second half career).

Litigation experience since 1990 in clay brick, mortar, and refractory ceramics.

Forensic analysis of ceramics (40+ years) with expertise in optical and scanning electron microscopy.

Long-term member of ASTM Committee C15.02 on Manufactured Masonry Units.

Recipient of the Brick Industry Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Registered Professional Engineer (retired).

Extensive publications on clay brick and refractory ceramics.

Holder of 11 United States Patents.

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